The philosophy of the HCNS is to create an environment where, through an individualized, play-based program, each child’s growth is fostered. We place a strong emphasis on the children’s social and emotional well being and feel that a strong sense of self is essential to all areas of development (cognitive, language and physical). We see children as individuals with their own rate and style of learning and unique approach to situations.

At the HCNS, play is the medium through which children acquire skills. Our overall goals include encouraging each child to develop a strong sense of their own worth, an appreciation for learning and an ability to feel comfortable in various situations.

An important developmental task for the preschool age child is to begin the mastery of social skills. At the HCNS we help children to share new experiences with each other developing both a sense of self and empathy towards others. The role of the teacher is to observe, support and guide the children’s experiences so that they engage in positive interactions with one another and their environment.

Jewish culture is incorporated into the HCNS as we celebrate the Jewish holidays that are meaningful to young children with stories, songs, food and other special activities. We welcome children from all faiths and cultures.